This history of the Queensland State Primary School Principals Association started as a result of a  post-dinner tête-à-tête. I had given a talk at a dinner held during a QASSP Council meeting [23 March 2007] about the early days of Primary Principals’ noted camaraderie, their professional/industrial gatherings and the eventual formation of a state-wide association. In the conversation that followed the dinner, great enthusiasm was shown by members, looking directly at me, for a history of the association to be written. The challenge was accepted as part the apparent raison d’etre of the association’s esprit de corps. A mistake.  Upon return home I contacted some of the Greats : Ian Weir, Maurie Kelly, Ken Sydney and Founder Frank Killorn.  They were enthusiastic.  We met when we could. Peter Boge joined us and Chris Eveans enthusiastically searched in boxes under his house and elsewhere for the necessary material.

We thought that there would be great enthusiasm out there for the production of a book that detailed the history behind the start of the Primary Principals Association, its development over the years and  some stories of the exploits of some of its cohort. Things did not work out as we had hoped, but our group did the best that it could.

We were so proud to think that Alan Greenwood [Original Secretary] and Frank Killorn [Original President] were still around and could share in the glory of what they and their proud primary colleagues had started; and that their memories could be tapped. The structure of the book was approved by executive members as we worked our way through documents and the memories of those who helped. In contacting the members of these notables, we were assured that a book would be published by November, 2008. We passed this along to the widows and relatives of the people concerned. They trusted us. It didn’t happen.  It was compherhensively ignored by QASSP. Ignorant of the reasons , nor contacted by any officer, we consigned our efforts to this website. For us, it was a worthy enterprise, and we are proud to have done it; but, for QASSP, apparently, we wasted our time. Sadly the founders of the once proud QUEENSLAND  STATE PRIMARY SCHOOL HEAD TEACHERS ASSOCIATION, Frank Killorn and Alan Greenwood, have since passed on and did not see the recognition of their work in print.

With Ian’s enthusiastic cooperation and support from Maurie and Ken, with Peter as an enterprising gopher, we compiled this history of the period with which we were familiar. It is recorded exclusively on this web-site. The co-authors were and remain proud PRIMARY people. Each is mentioned on the list of Life Members and we would like it known that we were made Life Members of the Queensland State Primary School Principals Association. We bled when the proud nomenclature ‘PRIMARY’ was dropped and continue to grieve that it  has not returned.

There is an order….

1. Welcome.

2. About this site.

3. Maurie Kelly’s article “The Turbulent Years” [The Queensland Principal, Vol.20. No 3 June 1993]

4. Ian Weir : “The Sruggle for Identity.”

5. The 23 March 2007 Speech

6. The First Five Years

7.  Attenders at the First Meeting.

8.   Officers 1966+      A Roll of Honour

9.   Our First Queensland State Primary School Principal ?

10. Go Bush Young Primcipal.

11. Lady Principals

12. ‘Beyond the Playground”. …

Belford, Bill

Kelley, Ray

McClintock, Bill

Morris, Vic

Tate, ‘Doc’

Thompson, F.C.

Town, Ray

Turner, ‘Baba’

and we wrap it up with a cheerfully nostaligic comment by Bush Poet, Jim Mangan of Nanango called “Where the Bush School Used to Be.”

Phil Cullen